Product Warranties

Product Warranties

All products found on come with a manufacturer’s warranty. No other warranties are expressed or implied. Warranty information can be found either with the documents included within the manufacturer’s original packaging or written on the manufacturer’s original box.

ChristmasLightsCreations LLC assumes no responsibility in any event for incidental or consequential damages, including, without limitation, costs relating to removal, installation or re-installation of the products, or damages for personal injury or property. These products may present possible shock or fire hazard if not installed properly. Manufacturer’s warranties are voided for products not installed according to current local electrical codes and/or the National Electric Code.

Specific Terms Related to Blow Molds

Union Products, TPI and some Grand Venture blow molds found on were shipped to us from the manufacturer with the understanding that these items may contain bumps, bruises and slight imperfections. The specific Grand Venture blow molds are the Ghost with Pumpkin, Boo Ghost and Nativity Set.

Prior to shipping your order, we will inspect the product(s) you purchased. Items with bumps, bruises and other slight imperfections are not considered damaged and they will not be exchanged. Refunds will not be granted for items that contain bumps, bruises and other slight imperfections that were present when the manufacturer shipped them to us. In addition, we will not accept returns or process refunds for blow molds that may have paint variances when illuminated. Union Products and TPI blow molds are not manufactured by Christmas Lights Creations, LLC and we have no control over their appearance when lit.

If you receive a blow mold with a defective light cord, we will ship a light cord to you at no charge.

Unpainted Blow Molds Disclaimer

We have unpainted blow molds for purchase on this website, i.e., the Grand Venture Snowman with Scarf and the Grand Venture Climbing Santa. Christmas Lights Creations LLC owns the aluminum molds and the exclusive rights to have these products produced. When purchasing an unpainted blow mold, it is very important to read the product description and the Specifications and Shipping information.

Unpainted blow molds must be pretreated before painting them. The manufacturing process leaves an oil residue on the unpainted blow mold that must be removed prior to painting. We do not offer any recommendations or endorse any method on how best to remove the excess oil. There are a number of tutorials that can be found on the Internet that explain how to pretreat and paint a blow mold.

Upon properly pretreating the unpainted blow mold we suggest using a water based transparent paint. We do not endorse any particular brand, but Rust-Oleum and Krylon produce water based transparent paints. They can be found at any number of retailers throughout the U.S.

Christmas Lights Creations LLC shall not be responsible for any damages relating to a failure to pretreat unpainted blow molds or follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Unpainted blow molds can not be returned to us under any circumstances. The only instances where we will replace an unpainted blow mold is in the event the product was lost or damaged during shipping. Please read our Shipping and Return Policy for more information.

Product Warranties April 6, 2013
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