Wholesale Christmas and Halloween Blow Molds

Christmas Lights Creations is your source for small businesses looking for wholesale Christmas and Halloween blow molds, Christmas Lights and Blow Mold Replacement Light Cords.

We offer a variety of products which include all of the blow molds found in our online shop, and we can purchase products for you in the event you’re having difficulty locating them. Christmas, Halloween and Valentine’s Day decorations and Novelty Blow Molds for ice cream parlors are among our specialties, but we can procure seasonal decor for all occasions.

Business owners interested in purchasing products from us can see our Wholesale Customers page for details. At this time we are only providing wholesale pricing to brick and mortar establishments. We will not consider businesses that sell their products through various online sales channels.

We can generally fill small to mid size orders for blow mold light cords and Christmas lights in a few days, but larger orders will take two to three weeks to fulfill. Blow Mold orders will take between 30 and 60 days to fulfill and we prefer to have those in place no later than June 30 of every calendar year. For those businesses that are interested in placing small blow molds orders we may be able to help you beyond the cut off date, but we can’t make any guarantees.

If you qualify as a wholesale customer we will send you our catalog and pricing. Please take note that we offer discounts depending upon purchase amounts and we can likely provide you with competitive transportation rates. All wholesale customers are responsible for the cost of transportation regardless of purchase amount.

If you have questions beyond the details outlined on our Wholesale Customers page please send an email to wholesale@christmaslightscreations.com. We will not send a catalog and price list to businesses that do not meet the minimum requirements.

Sign up for our Newsletter by entering your email address in the sign up form found on the bottom of the website. Doing so will give you an opportunity to be the first to know about new products. Also follow us on Facebook page for product announcements, sales, coupons and discounts.

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