Very Limited Blow Molds in Stock for 2020

For those of you visiting Christmas Lights Creations for the first time or if you’re one of our many returning customers, you’ll notice we have a very limited number of blow molds in stock this year.

Our inability to get product wasn’t due to a lack of effort. We’ve had two orders in place for months with Cado Products, one in April and the other on July 2. Suffice to say that was more than enough time to have the orders in place with them.

Despite sending numerous emails and leaving several voice mails asking about the status of our orders, we have never received a reply.

We’ve had to cancel dozens of back orders, and to be blunt Cado has ruined our blow molds sales for this year.

As a small business we’ve become accustomed to treatment such as this, but as we’ve always done we’ll continue to push forward and do the best we can.

Thanks for shopping with us and we’re hopeful you enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.

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