Unpainted Blow Molds For The DIY Enthusiasts

Christmas Lights Creations is pleased to announce that we will carry unpainted versions of the Grand Venture Climbing Santa and the Grand Venture Snowman with Scarf.

These unpainted blow molds are being produced with the Do It Yourself enthusiasts in mind. Throughout the history of blow mold production manufacturer’s chose which colors to use on a given product, but in the recent past more customers wanted to have the ability to paint these holiday classics their way.

Now with the production of these unpainted Grand Venture blow molds our customers will have the opportunity to experiment with as many colors as they choose. The only limitation will be your own imagination.

However, purchasing an unpainted blow mold will require prep work before painting. We strongly encourage you to read the product descriptions and our Product Warranty Policy carefully.

The extrusion molding process used to produce these blow molds leaves an oil residue on the product that must be removed prior to painting. If the oil residue isn’t removed the paint will not properly adhere to the product. Christmas Lights Creations LLC will not recommend or endorse any method used to accomplish this task. There are several tutorials that can be found on the Internet that discuss how to prepare a blow mold for painting.

Regarding the paint that is used for these products, we will not endorse any particular brand. However, we suggest you use a water based transparent paint. Rust-Oleum and Krylon produce such paint and they can be found at numerous retailers throughout the U.S. and online.

Customers purchasing unpainted blow molds are solely responsible for the pretreating and painting of these blow molds. Christmas Lights Creations LLC will not be held accountable for any failed painting project, regardless if the product descriptions and Product Warranty Policy were read and understood.

Moreover, unpainted blow molds can not be returned under any circumstances. The only instances where we will replace an unpainted blow mold is in the event the product was lost or damaged during shipping.

We will have these products available for retail purchase via Back Order and anticipate them being in stock in early August. We will also make these unpainted blow molds available for our Wholesale customers. Please use the Contact Us page to ask for specifics regarding wholesale purchase.

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