Snowman with Penguin Blow Mold

Among the new Christmas blow molds available in 2015, the TPI Snowman with Penguin has been reintroduced after an 11 year hiatus with a slight modification to its paint design.

Originally manufactured by TPI beginning in 2001, the Snowman with Penguin was a uniquely designed blow mold that incorporated a smiling penguin wearing a red santa cap and scarf. However, in 2004 TPI ceased operations and as a result their entire line of seasonal blow molds were no longer available. Like many of the holiday blow molds produced from years past, the Snowman with Penguin became a collectible item.

In December 2014, Union Products purchased the Snowman with Penguin original steel mold from Nu-Dell Manufacturing. Union’s decision to add this Christmas blow mold to their product line was welcomed news following the announcement that General Foam was discontinuing more than 15 seasonal blow molds in 2015. With fewer blow molds being produced this year, Christmas Lights Creations is very excited that we’ll be the first retailer to carry the new Union Products Snowman with Penguin.

The Snowman with Penguin is 31″ tall and is 14″ at its widest point and includes a distinctive carrot nose. The paint design is nearly identical to the one TPI produced in 2001, with the only modification being the snowman’s scarf is now painted solid red instead of the original orange and yellow check. The paint coating has a matted finish and it includes a three foot electrical cord with a candelabra base socket that can accommodate a variety of incandescent or LED light bulbs.

We’ll initially receive a dozen of these new blow molds and intend to carry them throughout the year. In the event we run out of stock between orders from the manufacturer, we’ll offer customers the opportunity to place back orders to guarantee you’ll have this new blow mold for Christmas. Placing a back order is essentially the same process as if you were purchasing a product that is in stock. A back order requires that you pay for the product in advance and then when we receive them, we’ll ship your order within a few days. The advantage of purchasing a product in advance is that it secures your order at the current retail price and you don’t have to worry about stock availability.

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