Santa’s Christmas Magic LED Warm White Icicle Lights


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You can give your home a snow covered appearance with our Santa’s Christmas Magic LED warm white icicle lights. Each light string has 70 5mm bulbs with 15 drops that will shine brightly for years. They’re the energy efficient solution for all of your holiday lighting needs. Connect up to 45 strings.

Weight 0.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 8 in

Specifications & Shipping

Manufacturer: Santa’s Christmas Magic
Description: 70 Count LED Warm White Icicle Lights
UL Listed Indoor/Outdoor Use
Bulb Type: 5mm Warm White
Wire Color: White
70 Lights Per String – 9.31′ Long – 12″ Plug Lead – 12″ Tail Lead
Drop Count: 15
Voltage: 120V
Watts: 4.8 Per String
Energy Consumption: 0.04 Amps Per String
Average Bulb Life: 25,000 Hours
Total Lighted Length: 7.04′
Wire Gauge: CXTW 22 AWG
Male Plug: 125v, 60 Hz, 3A, Fused, Stacking, Un-polarized
Female Plug: 125v, 3A, Un-polarized
If One Light Goes Out The Rest Stay Lit
Connects End-to-End. Connect up to 45 Strings
Bulbs Can be Replaced
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Most Items Will Arrive in 3 Business Days, But Could Take up to 7 Business Days Depending on Location
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