North Pole Sign Blow Mold

Christmas Lights Creations is very pleased to be the first retailer to offer the newly designed Union Products North Pole Sign, a holiday classic from years past.

Introduced in 1992, the North Pole Sign was originally produced with a two piece construction using an oval that sat atop a candy cane base. With a simple yet festive design they could be found adorning front doors, walkways and yard displays across America, making it one of the most popular Christmas blow molds ever produced. When production ceased in 2006, it quickly became a collectible item and remains so to this day.

Beginning in 2015, the Union Products North Pole Sign has been reintroduced with a new design that features a solid red base. The words “North Pole” are inscribed in red on both sides of the white oval with a red outline surrounding the outer edge. Like the original, the sign is 45″ tall with an overall width of 16″. The oval has an egg shell appearance with a darker red paint than that of the original. The base red paint has a matted finish that matches the red used on the oval. The sign includes an electrical cord with candelabra base socket and a C7 clear transparent bulb.

Customers purchasing the North Pole Sign should note that we will remove the oval from the base when shipping your order. We’ve done this to decrease the box size needed to ship this product in an effort to save you money.

At the moment we have one North Pole Sign in stock, but we expect more to be available in June. In the meantime, we offer customers the opportunity to place back orders now to guarantee you’ll have this new blow mold for Christmas. Placing a back order is essentially the same process as if you were purchasing a product that is in stock. A back order requires that you pay for the product in advance and then when we receive them, we’ll ship your order within a few days. The advantage of purchasing a product in advance is that it secures your order at the current retail price and you don’t have to worry about stock availability.

Christmas Lights Creations is very excited that we’re able to offer the new Union Products North Pole Sign to our customers. It’s sure to be hot seller, so act now and place a back order to ensure you’ll have it for this year.

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