No Blow Molds For 2021

Unfortunately we will not have blow molds in stock this year. We can’t force Cado to respond to our emails or voice mails, and to be honest we don’t want to do business with companies that can’t perform the basics of communicating. Not to mention, it would appear they no longer want to do business with small businesses like ours. We know for a fact that other small companies have contacted them about placing orders, but they haven’t received replies.

Over the past year we’ve been vocal about our dissatisfaction with Cado’s unwillingness to extend a modicum of common courtesy to respond to our reasonable queries. If a company doesn’t provide the status of orders that were placed and doesn’t respond to emails or voice mails regarding those orders, are we supposed to gleefully accept that? We didn’t last year and we’re not doing so this year.

Since 2013 we purchased products from Cado every year until 2020, and we would have last year had they bothered to fill the order. But since they haven’t responded to an email since July of last year, there isn’t much we can do. And while we spent double the amount of money with General Foam until they closed in 2017, we spent on average $7,400 per year with Cado. That’s not a lot of money in the big scheme of things, but it’s a lot for a small business. We don’t consider any amount of money spent to be chump change but we don’t believe they ever appreciated our business, a fact that has become evident based on their conduct.

As bad as General Foam was they at least replied to emails and got orders filled. More often than not they didn’t fill the order correctly, but at least they got something done. Frankly, Cado has become worse than General Foam ever was and that is hard to believe because General Foam was horrible.

Some might suggest we’re burning bridges. No. We didn’t burn any bridges, Cado did.

But there is no sense in worrying with it. We’ll forge ahead and do the best we can. Next year we’ll have at least one new blow mold to offer and maybe we’ll be able to locate a manufacturer that can provide more than the one.

This year we’ll focus on light cords, back plates, lights, replacement bulbs and electric window candles. We’ve become the number one source for blow mold light cords on the Internet, and this year will be no different. We have the General Foam light cords and back plates in stock, and we have the Grand Venture light cords and back plates in stock as well.

We’re busy redesigning the website and hope to have that done in the next month.

In the meantime you can purchase what we have in stock or place back orders for products we will have in late September.

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