New Light up Reindeer Blow Mold for 2019

UPDATE: Unfortunately the manufacturer didn’t receive the required minimum number of orders to justify the production of this product. The Reindeer will not be produced in 2019.

With General Foam ceasing production of blow molds at the end of 2017, it limited the number of Christmas, Halloween and Easter blow mold products available on the market. But beginning this year Christmas Lights Creations will carry one of the new blow molds being produced by Gemmy Industries, the Light up Reindeer Christmas blow mold.

According to the product specifications we received from Gemmy this Reindeer is 34.65 inches in height, which is slightly larger when compared to the reindeer General Foam produced. It has a striking similarity to Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, which we believe will make this a very popular product.

We’re purchasing 600 units of the Gemmy Light up Reindeer and expect delivery by the middle of September, although it could be later in the month depending on transit time from China.

We have the Reindeer set up on our website and have made it available to our retail customers for back order. For those of you interested in placing a back order please read our Ordering Policy, specifically the section related to back orders.

Qualified businesses can purchase this Reindeer through our wholesale program. For more information please visit the Wholesale Customers page on this website.

We’re very excited about being one of the few online retailers to carry this great new blow mold from Gemmy.

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