New Grand Venture Blow Molds For 2017

Christmas Lights Creations LLC is pleased to announce that we have purchased three aluminum molds used to produce the Grand Venture 23 inch Halloween Pumpkin, the Climbing Santa and the Snowman with Scarf.

We have partnered with one of America’s premier plastics manufacturer’s to have these classic holiday blow molds produced for Christmas Lights Creations exclusively. In the near future we’ll make these products available for purchase on our website, and we’re very interested in developing relationships with businesses that would like to establish a wholesale account with us.

Founded in 1997, Grand Venture operated a small manufacturing facility in Washington, Pennsylvania where the company produced Christmas, Halloween and Easter blow molds. After an eight year run Grand Venture ceased operations in 2005, but the company would later be purchased by Prime Plastics. Prime began producing a limited line of the original blow molds in 2005 and would continue to do so until they filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2013.

Among some of the more popular products Grand Venture produced were those that we have purchased. The Halloween Pumpkin, the Climbing Santa and the Snowman with Scarf will be available for the first time in more than four years.

With so many of the original manufacturers having gone out of business and the number of holiday seasonal decor becoming more limited, we’re very excited that Christmas Lights Creations can bring these iconic blow molds to life once again. We’ll post notices here and on our Facebook and Google Plus pages as news develops.

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