New General Foam Christmas Blow Mold

Christmas Lights Creations will soon have the KD White Star, one of the new blow molds introduced by General Foam in 2014.

Similar to the stars that were once produced by Grand Venture, the KD White Star has been manufactured so that the points can be snapped on to the center piece. Unlike the Grand Venture stars that were about 15 inches in width, the KD Star is much larger. Once the points have been assembled, the total width is a little over 23 inches. The center piece contains a standard UL power cord with a candelabra base socket, a wall hanger and it includes a clear C7 bulb.

This design will be to the consumer’s advantage because the product will be shipped in a “shelf” box measuring 14 inches in length, 5 inches in width and 5 inches in height. The box dimensions and total weight of the product will keep shipping costs to a minimum, thus making these stars very affordable.

These stars can be used for decorating trees, windows, doors and nativity scenes. But they shouldn’t be thought of as only Christmas decorations. They can be used throughout the year for any number of special occasions where illuminated stars will add a nice touch.

The KD White Star and other new blow molds are available now. Sign up for our Newsletter or follow us on Facebook or our Google+ page for product announcements, sales and discounts.

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