Lowering Shipping Costs in 2023

We’ve been working on getting our shipping costs lower for this year, which is easier said than done given how much UPS has increased their rates and accessorial fees over the years. They have basically made it impossible for us to ship products using Surepost because it costs so much now. Therefore, we will offer UPS Ground, Next Day Air and 2nd Day Air shipping and will potentially add other shipping methods if we can.

We have generally been able to get our Ground rates down to between $8 and $11, depending on box size, weight and destination. Keep in mind that even on Ground shipments UPS still charges us accessorial fees that are quite frankly ridiculous. Trust us, they don’t care if they cost us business and that is exactly what happened last year with their outrageous accessorial fees.

For those of you thinking we could get better pricing from the US Postal Service you would be correct. However, and it’s a big however, USPS does not pick from our warehouse. We would have to take the boxes to the local post office and we aren’t doing that. UPS has two trailers dropped at our facility and we can load our boxes onto them at our leisure.

Please let us know if you see a shipping cost that may appear to be too high so we can investigate.


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