Limited International Shipping is Now Available

Christmas Lights Creations offers consumers in Canada the opportunity to purchase our products through our eCrater store.

eCrater is a sales channel that provides us more flexibility in offering our products to International customers, especially as it relates to shipping costs.

While smaller boxes weighing two pounds or less can be shipped for very reasonable prices, larger boxes weighing four or more pounds will be considerably more expensive. We have determined that shipping our products to International customers using the United States Postal Service via Priority Mail International is the most cost effective method.

Not all of our blow mold products will be available for purchase because of size restrictions. The Santa with List and Union Products Snowman can not be shipped outside the U.S., and the Grand Venture Snowman can not be shipped to Australia.

Be aware that the light cords used for these blow molds are for use in the U.S. and Canada only. We will not include light cords for customers outside the U.S. and Canada.

Free shipping is not available regardless of purchase amount. Prices are converted into currencies based on current exchange rates. We will not negotiate prices or shipping costs.

Shipping costs are based on the United States Postal Service Priority Mail International rates.

Order processing will take from one to two business days.

Once shipped, your order will arrive between six and 10 business days.

In the event your order is lost or damaged during the shipping process we will refund the amount of purchase, including shipping costs. If the product was damaged we will need photographic evidence before we issue a refund. Photos will also assist us in filing a claim with the USPS. We will not ship replacements.

If you have questions prior to placing an order you may contact us via email at

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