Gold and White Star Blow Molds For 2022

With virtually no new blow molds being manufactured in the U.S., Christmas Lights Creations will make an effort to have new Gold and White Star blow molds produced for 2022.

These 14″ Star blow molds will be manufactured in the United States using a newly tooled steel mold which has the ability to produce thousands of these parts. The stars have a very simple design with a slot cut into the back of the finished mold so they can be hung on fences or doors. The White stars will be perfect for use with any Nativity Scene, or you can use different color C7 light bulbs to create a unique effect when displaying multiple stars.

Back Order Today

With Covid affecting ours and thousands of small businesses over the past two years, our sales have been down. This past year sales were down 28 percent and that has limited our operating capitol, specifically to have the new mold tooled for the stars. As you might guess the cost of a new tool is substantial, so we need to sell as many of these stars in advance to help us offset some of the outlays.

Visit the Gold Star and the White Star product pages. Keep in mind the finished product may look a little different than the images we currently have. We’re not entirely sure about transportation costs at this point so the final retail price may be more, or less, but we’re comfortable with the current price of $28.95.

We’re having 500 of each color produced, and we may order more depending on how many of these stars we can sell. Placing a back order today will help us get these stars produced, and you’re also helping to get a new blow mold on the market. That would be something that hasn’t happened since General Foam closed in 2017.

Placing a back order is no different than buying a product that is in stock. You’ll pay for the product and shipping, and tax will be added if you reside in the State of Tennessee. Please read our Ordering Policy for more information regarding back orders.

Wholesale Customers Can Back Order As Well

For those businesses that have established a wholesale account with us, please contact us at and we’ll send you the updated price list for 2022. For those businesses that would like to establish an account with us please read the Wholesale Customers page for instructions on what you need to do.

When Will the Stars be in Stock?

We’re planning on having these stars in stock sometime in August, but depending on how many units we sell in advance we could easily get them by late spring or early summer.

We want to make this abundantly clear. We didn’t want to pursue this project by asking customers to essentially provide us with capitol to put the production of the stars in motion. But as mentioned our capitol reserves are limited and we want to get these products produced, and this year we need your help.

If anything happens that prevents us from getting the stars manufactured we will refund your money.

For those of you that place a back order, thank you for the business. We appreciate your help in getting these new blow molds produced this year.

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