Free Shipping Threshold Increase to $250

With the ever increasing costs of fuel and transportation, Christmas Lights Creations is raising the minimum purchase requirement to receive free shipping to $250.

Based on average order amounts over the past three years, this increase will have no bearing on the majority of our customers purchases. While we didn’t want to increase the threshold we can no longer absorb the costs involved in offering free shipping for an order less than $250.

We Are Not a Big Box Retailer

Christmas Lights Creations is a small business. Unlike Walmart or Amazon that can offer customers free shipping for purchases much less than $250, they receive much better shipping discounts than we could ever get.

Over the past three years our cost for shipping a small box has increased on average $1.00 per year. That amount may not seem like much but it is. A small box that cost us under $7.00 to ship a few years ago now costs us over $10, and we can’t pay $10 to cover the cost of shipping for an order less than $250.

Rising Fuel Costs Are the Biggest Factor

As we detailed in March, fuel surcharges fluctuate from week to week depending on the Weekly National Gasoline and Diesel Fuel update, released every Monday from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

UPS and FedEx base their fuel surcharges on the national diesel cost average, which has increased $2.43 per gallon in the past year. Coupled with the fuel surcharge increase announced in April, every box we ship incurs a fuel surcharge that is well over $1.00.

To give you an idea of how much more we pay in fuel surcharges, last year an 11 x 8 x 8 box weighing 1 pound or less cost us $0.36 in fuel surcharge for an order shipping to New Jersey. This year that same box has a fuel surcharge of $1.16, a 69 percent increase.

Don’t Expect Decreases Anytime Soon

We do not anticipate seeing lower costs for fuel and transportation in the next two plus years. Therefore, our minimum purchase requirement to receive free shipping will remain at least $250 and may very well need to be increased depending on changing economic factors.

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