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Skyrocketing Transportation Costs Force Retail Price Increases

International and domestic transportation costs have risen dramatically since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, and those costs borne by businesses will be passed along to consumers. Container rates from China to the U.S. west coast have continued to rise this year,

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Thanks to UPS Shipping Blow Molds Will Be More Expensive

Small business is taking it on the chin again, this time in the form of an additional accessorial fee imposed on companies that ship boxes that exceed 105 inches in length and girth. Effective January 10 of this year UPS is charging

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Stripe Hides Behind Bank Decision That Amounts to Theft

We recently had a customer dispute a charge claiming that they hadn’t received the product, which is true because we cancelled the order and issued a refund. The customer placed a total of three orders, the first of which we filled and

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