Blow Mold Replacement Light Cords

Christmas Lights Creations has partnered with a manufacturer to produce a blow mold replacement light cord that can be used for most General Foam, Grand Venture, Union Products and TPI blow molds.

This blow mold replacement light cord includes a plastic back plate and screw. While in some cases the back plate may not be a perfect fit, we’ve tested them on a number of different brand blow molds and determined they will serve the intended purpose.

We will also carry the 4-foot Edison base replacement light cord that is specifically used for General Foam blow molds. The Empire, Santa’s Best and Poloron lines they produced all use this Edison base blow mold light cord. As with the 2-foot cord, the General Foam cord includes a plastic back plate. However, this back plate will not include a screw. We’ve made these available for purchase via back order and expect to receive a shipment by the second week of April.

We are in the process of getting quotes for the General Foam 3-foot C7 light cord and we’re very optimistic that we will be able to carry these in 2018 and beyond.

The quantities that we have to purchase will allow us to sell these blow mold light cords wholesale and retail. The retail cords can be found in the Blow Mold Light Cords category on the Shop page of this website.

For those of you interested in purchasing these cords wholesale, please use the Contact Us link. A minimum purchase of 200 cords will be required.

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