Blow Mold Light Cords and Back Plates

We received our order of General Foam blow mold light cords and back plates, and we also received the Grand Venture back plates. We are transitioning from an older style socket to the wide mouth socket style that can accommodate virtually any type of incandescent, LED or CFL bulb with a candelabra base socket.

Moving forward, once the current supply of blow mold light cords are sold out we’ll offer this new style of cord exclusively. The light cord and male plug for each are identical, with the only difference being the socket style.

These blow mold light cords will work with virtually any newer model large blow mold manufactured in the past 20 years by General Foam, Grand Venture, TPI, Union Products and other blow mold manufacturer’s.

However, the back plates for General Foam blow molds are slightly different than the Grand Venture back plates. The General Foam version is a little larger and can be used on other brands of large blow molds, especially Union Products. The Grand Venture back plates are generally specific to that manufacturer’s larger blow molds, but they too can be used for other brands.

Before purchasing ensure you take a moment to read the product descriptions and the click the Specifications tab under the image to help you make an informed decision.

Each customer is allowed to purchase ONE back plate five pack and TEN light cords for the year. No Exceptions. Anyone breaking these rules will have their orders cancelled and you’ll be banned from buying from us forever.

We’re offering these light cords and back plates to qualified small businesses that want to purchase these wholesale. Take a minute to read our guidelines found on the Wholesale Customers page.

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