Bad News Regarding Noma Bubble Lites

We recently purchased Noma Bubble Lites for sale on our website only to discover that the manufacturer, Inliten, has eliminated the packaging and applied the Sylvania name to the product.

Inliten Packaging for Sylvania Bubble LightsFrankly this is a travesty. Noma Bubble Lites are among the most iconic American Christmas decorations ever produced, and the packaging was even more unique. Now the packaging is a generic box that is likely being used because it costs less to produce.

This what happens when American companies stop being Americans. And the worst part is that the bubble lites are now limited to red and orange. That’s it.

We were proud to carry these traditional American made decorations, but unless Inliten reverts back to the original packaging and adds more bulb colors once we sell out of our current inventory we will not carry Noma Bubble Lites, or we should say Sylvania Bubble Lights.

Thanks for ruining a great American Christmas decoration Inliten. For those of you that would like to voice your displeasure, Inliten can be contacted at 800-681-3814.

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