Bad News, Good News Regarding Blow Molds

There was a mix of bad news and good news on Monday regarding Christmas and Halloween blow molds, with General Foam and Union Products making decisions that will dramatically affect the availability of seasonal decor in 2015.

First, the bad news.

Beginning this year, General Foam has decided they will no longer produce more than a dozen Christmas and Halloween blow molds. Among the Christmas blow molds that will no longer be available are the Santa Train, Drummer Boy, Palace Guard, White Reindeer, Brown Reindeer, Teddy Bear with Present, Christmas Cub, the Toy Soldier with White Hat, the Mr & Mrs Claus, and the Tender Car.

Halloween blow molds that won’t be manufactured in 2015 include The Villainous Vampire, the Light Up Skeleton, the Light Up Scarecrow and the Ghoulish Gargoyle.

With the exception of a few of these, we sold out of all the other blow molds. That of course means we will no longer be able to carry them since they won’t be available this year.

As depressing as this news was, all is not lost.

On the heels of General Foam’s decision, Union Products has decided to manufacture at least three new Christmas blow molds in 2015.

During a conversation with Union Products on Monday, we were informed that they will produce a Santa, Snowman and Candle this year. There is also the possibility they will manufacture another two blow molds that haven’t been available in many years.

We’re not at liberty to divulge specifics, but Union’s decision to produce new blow molds is welcomed news. We’re very excited that Christmas Lights Creations will be among the few retailers carrying these new blow molds.

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