Back Orders For General Foam Light Cords/Back Plates

We tentatively expect to receive our order of General Foam Edison light cords and back plates toward the end of July. As such, we will allow back orders for those products from now until we receive them.

Each customer is allowed One 5-Pack of back plates and 10 light cords for the entire year. Anyone attempting to purchase more than the allotted amount will have their orders cancelled.

We’re also accepting wholesale back orders for the General Foam light cords and back plates. You must qualify as a wholesale customer to purchase from us. See the Wholesale Customers page for more information. Minimum purchase for the light cords is 200 units and 80 5-Packs for the back plates.

As for the General Foam C7 light cords, we decided against having those produced. All of the C7 light cords we currently have in stock will work with any small General Foam mold that has a one inch opening.

Retail customers can purchase the General Foam Edison light cords and back plates by navigating to the Blow Mold Light Cords category page.

Please read our Ordering Policy regarding Back Orders.

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