Monthly archive for August 2021

No Blow Molds For 2021

Unfortunately we will not have blow molds in stock this year. We can’t force Cado to respond to our emails or voice mails, and to be honest we don’t want to do business with companies that can’t perform the basics of communicating.

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Pay Pal Increases Transaction Fees

As of August 2 Pay Pal has increased their transaction fees that affects virtually every small business, and Christmas Lights Creations is no exception. We strongly disagree with their decision to raise fees, but we do prefer Pay Pal over our credit

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Blow Mold Light Cords and Back Plates

We received our order of General Foam blow mold light cords and back plates, and we also received the Grand Venture back plates. We are transitioning from an older style socket to the wide mouth socket style that can accommodate virtually any

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Lawn Light Speed Stakes

We received our order of 5″ and 10″ Lawn Light Speed Stakes. We’ve used these in decorating projects and believe these are the best light stakes you can purchase. And best of all these light stakes are made in the USA! Each

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